I am a Berlin-based storyboard artist and illustrator with a passion for sequential art and film. Since 2011, I specialize in storyboarding for 2D and 3D animation, working with directors and writers to tell stories filled with atmosphere, humor, emotion, and action

– using Panel Forge, Storyboard Pro, and Photoshop
– working with the director to help create his vision
– writing scenes and sequences that move the story forward
– translating a script into a sequence of panels
– adding comedy, acting, and design ideas when needed
– pitching storyboards to the team
– indicating all necessary information for the animation and design teams

For further details please take a look at my LinkedIn Profile.


Unannounced 3D series | Blue Zoo | Nickelodeon
The Adventures of Paddington | Blue Zoo | Nickelodeon
It’s Pony
| Blue Zoo | Nickelodeon
| Sixteen South | Disney Junior
Space Chickens in Space | Gingerbread | Disney EMEA
Lumi & Bo | Hahnfilm | Nickelodeon
Vampirina | Brown Bag | Disney Junior
Bob the Builder | HIT Entertainment
Doc McStuffins | Brown Bag | Disney Junior
Rideo | Angel Animation
Percy’s Tiger Tales | Fabrique D’Images
Michel | Folimage
Zoli and Pokey | Fabrique D’Images
The Nightlight Monster | Fabrique D’Images

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